Arts of the Datacene: Sensing and Narrating a Technogenic Future

  • Richard Carter (Invited speaker)

    Activity: Talk or presentation for an academic audienceInvited talk for an academic audience


    This presentation will discuss a range of artistic (re)deployments of sensing and data gathering technologies in the context of critiquing how we come to sense and make-sense of contemporary ecological crises. It shall examine the work of several practitioners, and will make particular reference to Carter’s own Waveform project, in which a drone is used to map the shapes of incoming ocean waves, before parsing the data gathered into enigmatic short texts meditating on themes of ecology and scientific measurement. With reference to the work of different theorists of sensory systems, this presentation will discuss these projects as making visible the highly complex, collaborative entanglements between varied sensing and interpreting agencies, human and more-than-human, that make it possible to characterise fundamental transformations in climate and ecology. In so doing, these projects shift our awareness beyond the current primacy of our data-driven episteme, highlighting alternative modes of experiencing, knowing, and expressing the origins, impacts, and possible futures of life in a profoundly damaged world.
    Period2 Jun 2021
    Held atUniversity of Groningen, Netherlands
    Degree of RecognitionInternational


    • Anthropocene
    • Data
    • Sensing
    • Art
    • Digital Art