Dark Triad and Dark Tetrad and a Psychodynamic Approach

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Combining Multiple Personality Tests: A Practitioner Hackathon

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Dr Hunter-Hill highlighted how she has used Dark Triad and Dark Tetrad measures in conjunction with two specific Systems-Psychodynamic tools – ORA and CIBART in order to assess and tackle cases of deviant/risk-taking behaviour, cyber-bullying/trolling, and corporate psychopathy, at an individual and organisational level.

Dr Michelle Hunter-Hill helps clients understand their psychological make-up, enabling them to delve ‘beneath-the-surface’ and identify core factors driving behaviour in a range of traditional and non-traditional occupational settings (e.g., in the office, on the track, field, and screen). As a Chartered Psychologist and Scientist, Michelle assesses personality, ability, values, and occupational interests to predict how individuals might perform at work and respond to emotional demands at work.

Dr. Michelle is concerned with ensuring psychological safety and wellbeing of individuals at work. Having worked as an advisor to some of the most prominent organisations, on personality profiling for the purpose of examining individual deviant and anti-social behaviours such as trolling, psychopathy, character assassination, and “criminogenic” corporate culture, Dr. Michelle is renowned for providing predictive clues and solutions to bring about behavioural change. She recognises that underperformance is not always down to poor and deviant behavioural choices, and she coaches individuals to develop their resilience and overcome principal performance challenges. Using a combination of psychometric tests, biographical interviewing, and psychological science she assesses the capability of people performers, whether it be senior and c-suite executives, athletes, or celebrities. Dr Michelle works mainly in the UK and Middle East. She runs The Psychometric Café’, The Issues@Work Clinic, and she designs, and delivers BPS-accredited courses in Ability and Personality Testing.
Period21 Jun 2022
Held atThe Psychometrics Forum: Combining Multiple Personality Tests: A Practitioner Hackathon


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