Generative AI and educational research

Activity: Talk or presentation for an academic audienceInvited talk for an academic audience


This presentation explores the application and potential pitfalls of generative AI in educational research. It delves into how AI can assist with literature reviews, enhance academic writing, aid in quantitative analyses, and identify themes within qualitative data. The talk addresses the innovative ways generative AI can support researchers by streamlining the research process and providing insights that might not be immediately apparent through traditional methods. However, it also critically examines the risks associated with generative AI, including data falsification, plagiarism, and ethical dilemmas. By highlighting both the advantages and challenges, the discussion aims to provide a balanced perspective on the use of generative AI in educational research, emphasizing the need for ethical guidelines and integrity in academic work. This approach ensures that while the technology can be leveraged for significant advancements in the field, it is done so with caution and responsibility.

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Period23 Mar 2024
Held atCentre for Learning, Teaching and Human Development
Degree of RecognitionLocal