Training new teachers for AI in education

Activity: Talk or presentation for an academic audienceInvited talk for an academic audience


In the rapidly evolving landscape of education, generative AI stands as a revolutionary tool, offering immense potential to reshape teaching methodologies and enhance student learning experiences. This session is designed to empower new secondary teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively integrate generative AI into their teaching practices. We will explore practical strategies for utilizing AI to reduce teacher workload, including automated grading, personalized lesson planning, and efficient resource creation. A significant focus will be on guiding teachers to encourage responsible and creative AI use among students. This involves teaching critical thinking skills in the context of AI-generated information, fostering digital literacy, and promoting ethical considerations in AI usage. Moreover, we will delve into how teachers can leverage AI as a pedagogical tool to support and augment students' learning journeys. This includes using AI for personalized learning experiences, enhancing engagement through interactive content, and providing students with opportunities to experiment with AI in problem-solving and project-based learning scenarios. This session aims to equip teachers with the confidence and competence to navigate the new digital paradigm, ensuring they are well-prepared to mentor the next generation of learners in harnessing the power of generative AI responsibly and effectively.

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Period15 Jan 2024
Event titleStaff development summit
Event typeConference
LocationLondon, United KingdomShow on map
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