Endometriosis: Under-funded & Under-researched - A conversation with Endometriosis South Coast Advocate and Research Student, Jodie Hughes

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Welcome to today's episode of Not Defined by Endo Podcast!

Today’s episode is with Jodie Hughes, the founder of the charity Endometriosis South Coast in the UK, and a Ph.D. student studying how endometriosis differs in different sample groups of people. Jodie’s endometriosis story begins at the tender age of 11, and like many of us, she has had to navigate a behemoth healthcare system, advocating for herself and others and raising awareness about the disease.Endometriosis is such a poorly-funded and poorly-researched disease, and Jodie is working hard to change this by devoting her life to studying the impact of Endo. For her undergraduate and master's studies, she researched the stress levels of patients with endometriosis and was able to obtain statistically significant results in both studies.

Apart from doing research on Endo, she also founded the all-inclusive charity called Endometriosis South Coast, supporting and educating those with endometriosis by running webinars and support groups.

Period18 Aug 2021

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Media contributions