Firms criticised for failing to improve diversity

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Professor Sunitha Narendran, director of the University of Roehampton Business School, said the findings are disheartening since the new trends in corporate governance are about creating and sustaining diversity.

She told Eastern Eye: “I would have imagined that companies would have fully understood the benefits and skill sets that gender, racial, and ethnic diversity could bring to boardroom discussions.

“I also believed that companies are responding to the upsurge in pressure from the market, investors, activists, and the government for more diversity in board composition.

“There is of course plenty of research evidence to demonstrate the positive impact of diverse of board composition.

“For example, large companies with women on their boards have outperformed businesses with all-male boards. Companies with diverse boards also seem to have fewer instances of unethical business practices as well better oversight of financial performance.”

Period12 Feb 2020

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Media contributions