Sense of Humor: Definition, Types, and Development

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What are the benefits of humor?

There are three core benefits of humor for physical health. Firstly, a sense of humor is beneficial for good heart health. Regular bouts of laughter increase the heart rate and, as a result, lower blood pressure. Secondly, a good sense of humor provides a form of pain relief. Laughter promotes the release of endorphins which are a natural painkiller produced in our body. Additionally, laughter serves as a distraction from pain, lessening its impact on our bodies. Many doctors, including the famous Patch Adams, are vocal supporters of the use of comedy in combination with medicine. Finally, laughter naturally boosts your immune system. The study Affective Immunology: where emotions and the immune response converge by Fulvio D’Acquisto, a professor of immunology at the University of Roehampton, found that laughter increased the production of antibodies in the human system and also boosted T-cell effectiveness.

Period25 Aug 2023

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