Study finds ethnic minority businesses struggle to access loans, grants, and investment

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Professor Sunitha Narendran, director of Roehampton Business School in London, said "the report  by the Feder­ation of Small Businesses (FSB) identifying barriers that continue to confront BAME firms is impor­tant and “also so very disappoint­ing, particularly since there is an extensive amount of existing re­search that confirms this problem.”

She said: “There are several poli­cy interventions and initiatives promulgated to mitigate this issue here in the UK. Why haven’t they worked? The social-psychologist in me is urging now for a focus on pinning down the processes that twist policy and well-intended interventions.

We urgently need process-based evaluations that explain why something is not working rather than repeatedly reporting prob­lems that seem to continue to per­sist. It is not enough to treat the symptoms without addressing the real issue and its complexities.”

Period30 Jul 2020

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Media contributions