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1048 Parkstead House, Whitelands


I am a Senior Lecturer working in the field of Nutrition. I gained my degree in Food microbiology and my PhD in Food Science at the University of Naples, Italy. I afterwards spent 12 years at the University of Reading, at the Food and Nutritional Sciences Department, as a Senior Research Associate. I joined the Life Science Department at the University of Roehampton in August 2015.



  • PhD. Food Science, Microbiological Safety, Genetic Improvement of Farm Animal and Immunology, University of Naples, Veterinary, Italy.
  • BSc. Food microbiology, University of Naples Federico II (Italy), School of Agricultural Sciences, in Science and Technologies Alimentary.
  • Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Reading
  • FHEA, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • SEDA Accreditation




Research interests

Primary research interests include the gut microbiota and its contribution to host endogenous and exogenous metabolism, the carcinogenic potential of the microbiome and the impact of early-life events on metabolism and development. In addition, a key research area is the application of prebiotics and probiotics to the field of gut health. Specifically, I focus my research towards a better understanding on the role of microbiota in food and nutritional systems and all microbial interactions with nutritional metagenomics.

Research projects

- Effect of polydeoxycholic acid on gut's microbiome.

- Gut microbial functionality as a modulator of individual colorectal cancer risk.

- The role of milling and fermentation and in determining the prebiotic effects of wheat.

- Effect of okara lyophilized and okara treated with HHP+enzymes in in-vitro batch culture fermentation systems.

- Metagenomic approach to identify L. plantarum encapsulated within a customized resistant starch from red rice after in vitro fermentation.

- In vitro experimental design to study gene expression of E. coli ST131 by micro-arrays.

- HITChip metagenomic approach to analyse DNA samples after in vivo competition in a consumption trial in elderly people.

-Metagenomic characterisation and metagenomes analysis for functional diversity using UniFrac via MiqSeq platform after in vivo competition in people with raised cholesterol levels.

- Effect of a prebiotic (B-GOS) supplementation on microbiota and gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Consultancy work

Member of ISAPP


Module Convener for Body Composition Practical HEP020L035Y

Module Convener for Food Science - HEA020N223Y

Lecturer for Nutrition in Acute and Chronic Illness HEP020L037A & HEP020LD37A

Lecturer for Advances in Nutrition and Health - HEA020X339Y

Lecturer Nutrition through the Lifespan - HEA020N212Y

Lecturer Public Health and Health Promotion - HEA020N213Y

Lecturer for Public Health Approach to Cardio-Metabolic Diseases - HEP020L076S

Lecturer for Integrated Approach to Obesity - HEP020L114Y

Proposal, Dissertation and Project Supervision for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (MSc) students wishing to conduct their work on a topic related to my research area of expertise (Gut Microbiome).


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