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Andrew is Principal Lecturer in Practical Theology and Programme Convener for Ministerial Theology. He also convenes the Research Group in Ministerial Theology. For the academic year 2017-18, Andrew will be teaching Study Skills for Ministerial Theology (FdA), Engaging Scripture (FdA & Grad Dip), Contexts of Ministry 3 (Grad Dip), Empirical Research for Christian Ministry (MA) and Research Design 2 (DTh).

Andrew's earlier studies were at the Universities of Bristol and Nottingham. His subsequent theological studies were at London School of Theology and King's College London.



Research interests

New Black Majority Churches, especially aesthetics and growth; Faith, place & planning; 'Ordinary hermeneutics' - that is, the hermeneutical practices of ordinary Bible readers; interdisciplinary issues between theology and social science; use of ethnography in practical theology research; aspects of evangelicalism and fundamentalism; missiology; aspects of contemporary ecclesiology. PhD proposals are welcomed in any of these areas.

Research projects

Andrew is the principal investigator for Signs of Wonder, a project that seeks to explore the theological significance of new black majority churches' iconography and aesthetic practices as seen in their distinctive signboards, banners, websites, media products and places of worship, with a view to informing better understanding of nBMCs cultural and theological worldviews. The project runs from Sept to Dec 2017.

Andrew is academic consultant on the Religious Meeting Places project in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. The project aims to improve understanding of faith group facilities in the borough, both in terms of current provision and usage, as well as looking at future faith facility needs in the borough. The project runs from Jan to Sept 2017.

Andrew was the principal investigator on the AHRC Faith and Place network, running from Sept '14 to Feb '16. The Faith and Place network sought to bring together faith group representatives, academics from multiple disciplines, planners, policy makers and civil society organisations. The purpose was to address the critical issues surrounding faith, place and planning, especially for migrant and post-migrant faith groups.

Andrew was the principal investigator on the research project Being Built Together which ran from 2011-2013. This project was in partnership with Transform Southwark and Churches Together in South London, as well as many other interested parties. The aim of the project was to investigate the demographics and ecclesiology of new black majority congregations in the London Borough of Southwark.

Professional affiliations

Consultancy work

External Examiner for the Universities of Chester, Middlesex and Manchester

Up until August 2011, Andrew worked for Bible Society on a project to enrich biblical hermeneutics in churches, entitled H+ Making Good Sense of the Bible.


Congregational Hermeneutics, Theologial Reflection, Mission, Practical Theology, Research Methods

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