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Dr phil (Universität Münster)

Research interests

In my research I am particularly interested in 5th and 6th century gold bracteates, their archaeological contexts, religious and political significance and in the iconography of these round pendants that were made of gold foil and stamped with anthropomorphic and animal figures. In 2014 I have published together with Dr Tim Pestell, Norwich, the first bracteate hoard that has been found in England. The results of this project led me to address in my next project evidence for the emergence of a new elite in the post-Roman landscape of 5th and early 6th century England within a wider northern European context.

I have also studied theoretical ideas and methodological approaches that impacted on the long and extensive research history of the gold bracteates that began in the early 19th century (published in 2011).

In another area of my research I focus on early medieval religion. A paper on the evidence for local, regional and supra-regional patterns of rites and rituals in pre-Christian religion has been published in 2015.

Professional affiliations

Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of: The International Sachsensymposion; The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies; Classical Association; Royal Archaeological Institute; Viking Society; Gesellschaft für Archäologie in Württemberg und Hohenzollern


I am currently teaching the following modules:

BA in Classical Civilisation

  • Introduction to Ancient Archaeology
  • Politics, Society and Religion in the late Roman Empire
  • The Ancient City of Rome - Study trip to Rome
  • Romans and Barbarians


MRes in Classical Research

  • Theories and Methods in Classical Research


After studying at the universities of Freiburg/i.Br., Aix-en-Provence and Münster I completed a PhD in 1990 on 'Beizeichen auf den völkerwanderungszeitlichen Goldbrakteaten' (Signs and Symbols on migration-period gold bracteates), published 1991.

Now a Reader in Roman and Early Medieval History I am studying the political, cultural and religious history of late Roman and early medieval northern Europe. I am particularly interested in images and material culture.

Currently I am the programme convener of the MRes programme in Classical Research.

I am happy to supervise PhD projects on aspects of late Roman and early medieval politics, religion and culture and welcome suggestions.