Department of Life Sciences

Visiting address
1061 Parkstead House, Whitelands

Phone: +44 (0)20 8392 3316



Research interests

I am an evolutionary anthropologist with particular research interests in human ecology, the evolution of the hominin diet, and the evolution of cooperation, prestige, and hierarchy. For more than seven years, my research has included fieldwork with the Hadza of Tanzania, one of the last extant hunter-gatherer populations. Through analysis of behavioural data from the Hadza as well as from other hunter-gatherer groups, I investigate aspects of human evolution, including: strategies of food procurement and provisioning, cooperation, reputation, and sexual selection and gender.

Research projects

I'm currently involved with a research group called The Human Generosity Project. This project is first large-scale transdisciplinary research project to investigate the interrelationship between biological and cultural influences on human generosity.


Human Ecology and Adaptation
Hunter-gatherers and Human Evolution


ID: 27136