Department of Life Sciences

Visiting address
1050 Parkstead House, Whitelands


2015 - Lecturer, University of Roehampton.

2013 - Postdoctoral researcher, NERC project, Imperial College London.

2011 - Ph.D, NERC studentship, Queen Mary University of London.

2006 - BSc (Hons), University of Leeds, 2:1 degree received in Ecology.


BSc, PhD

Research interests

My research encompasses mainly theoretical and aquatic ecology, focusing on understanding ecosystem responses to global change (such as warming) and the role of biotic interactions in mediating them. The effects of environmental stressors at high levels of biological organisation, such as whole communities (e.g. food webs), and ecosystems (e.g. ecosystem functioning), are poorly understood. I am interested in incorporating different strands of ecology (macroecology, metabolic ecology and biodiversity - ecosystem functioning theory) to predict future change in natural ecosystems.

Potential Research Projects on offer
Please contact me via email for potential 3rd year and PhD projects.

Research projects

Postdoctoral project:


Diversity of Life 1 (1st year)

Aquatic and Invertebrate Biology (3rd year)

Current Topics in Biology (MSc)


ID: 26337