Head of Psychology Subject Area (2007 to present)
Teaching Fellow
Forensic and Criminal Psychology (Module Co-Convener)
Research Methods 2



Research interests

Risk-taking behaviour
Individual differences
Perception of crime
Mood and cognition
Teaching and learning strategies
Statistics anxiety

Research projects


Essau, C., Worrell, M. & Bray, D.E: 'Predictors of delinquency'. School Research
Grant; £3,700 (2006)

Essau, C. & Bray, D.E.: 'Risk taking behaviour in adolescents'. School Research Grant; £3000 (2006)

Worrell, M., Ford, J. & Bray, D.E.: TQEF Curriculum Development Project (2007);
'Integration of PDP': £4,700

Pauli, R. and Bray, D.E.: "Investigation of temporal stability and construct validity of the Negative Group Work Experiences inventory" (2008); £1762

ID: 28250