Fiona McHardy

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I am Head of Learning and Teaching in the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Professor in History in the Research centre for Inclusive Humanities. 

I came to Roehampton in 2003 as the first lecturer in Classics and was responsible for building up the BA Classical Civilisation programme in its early days. I became Programme Convener for BA Classical Civilisation in 2005 and Head of Classics in 2017, then Head of Classics and History in 2020, before taking up my current role in 2022.


BA Honours Ancient and Modern Greek

MA Ancient Drama and Society

PhD on The Ideology of Revenge in Ancient Greek Culture

Research interests

I am interested in the cultural history of violence in antiquity, especially in relationship to gender, status and age. Currently I am working on the understanding of violence across different ancient cultures and editing A Cultural History of Violence in Antiquity for Bloomsbury, as well as violence and betrayal in the history of military alliances in ancient Greece. I have recently completed work on understanding battlefield mutilation and decapitation in ancient sources. I am also working on gendered violence in ancient Greek culture with a particular focus on infanticide, domestic violence and uxoricide.

I have a particular interest in revenge ethics, especially in Homeric epic, Greek tragedy and Attic oratory, as well as in modern Greek literature and folk poetry.  I have a long-standing research interest in Greek tragic fragments, especially how violent and vengeful acts were portrayed in tragedies that are no longer extant. 

Research projects

I am currently working on a monograph about gender and violence in ancient Greece for Bloomsbury, an edited volume on the Cultural History fo Violence cross-culturally in antiquity, and a volume on alliances in Greek culture. I have co-edited a number of volumes including Revenge and Gender in Classical, Medieval and Early Modern Literature with Lesel Dawson from the University of Bristol. With Mark Masterson I am series editor for Intersectionality in Antiquty for Edinburgh University Press, and with Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz I am co-editor of a series on Classical Pedagogy in the 21st Century for Routledge. For this series I co-edited Diversity and the Study of Antiquity in Higher Education with Daniel Libatique, published April 2023.

Professional affiliations

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Fellow of SEDA

Steering Committee for Classics and Social Justice

Member of the Classical Association of England and Wales

Member of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies

Member of the Society for Classical Studies (N.America)

Member of the Women's Classical Caucus 


I teach the following modules:

- Homer and the Epic Cycle

- Violence and Law in Ancient Greece

- Athens

- Tragedy: Classical, Shakespearean, Cinematic

- Dissertation


I am currently supervising PhD theses on the following topics:

- A Study of Combat Trauma in 5th and Early 4th Century Greece

- Intersectional Approaches to Classical Mythology

- The Female Trickster in Greek Mythology and Oratory


I have previously supervised PhD students working on:

- Animal Metaphors and the Depiction of Female Avengers in Attic Tragedy 

- Greek and Poetic Identity in the Works of C. P. Cavafy

- Paraphilias in Ancient Greece

- The idea of 'beautiful death' in Euripidean tragedy

- Nature imagery connected to rituals of birth, initiation, marriage and death in Apollonius Rhodius.

- The depiction of sexual violence against women in Attic oratory