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Junia is a lecturer, tutor, and doctoral student. She specializes on the figures, culture, and society of the late Roman Republic, focusing upon the life and surviving literature of the Liberatores and their sympathizers - namely, Gaius Cassius Longinus, Marcus Junius Brutus, and Cicero. However, outside of this, she has a keen interest in the daily life of ancient peoples, wherein her research focuses on Greek and Roman philosophies, as well as the numismatics, art, portraiture, and literature of the late Republic and early Augustan age. This is consolidated in her dissertation, entitled "Gaius Cassius Longinus: the History and Memory of a Liberator," wherein she is currently working with Dr. Shushma Malik and Dr. Marco Fantuzzi.  

More recently, she is engaging with two projects: (a) the linguistics of the remaining letters written by Cassius, and (b) the archaeological sites of Philippi and Thasos to identify the famous battlefield and grave of Cassius. 

From her childhood in Miami, Junia then lived in Rome for 9 years, where she got her BA in Classics. During this time, she conducted research in Turkey, Athens, Philippi, Thasos, and archaeological training in Baia, Naples, Minorca, and the lake of Tiberius in Israel, which were awarded with the Premio-America Award in 2016. She founded a small fashion company, aimed at educating people about ancient Greece and Rome through clothing and living history. Amidst these experiences, Junia went to the University of Manchester, where she concentrated on Latin and focused her research on Cassius and his philosophy, earning her a MA in 2019. Since then, Junia has held several academic positions, including visiting lecturer in Classics, student tutor, and assistant professor for all levels of Latin.


PhD Candidate | University of Roehampton 

M.A. Ancient and Classical Civilisation | University of Manchester

B.A. Classical Studies, Minor in Philosophy | John Cabot University, Rome, Italy


Student Tutor, University of Roehampton | John Cabot University

Underwater Archaeology, Sanisera Archaeological School 

Wadi el Hamam Archaeological Site, University of Jerusalem 

Ancient Athens and Greece, The American School of Classical Studies in Athens 


  • Beginning - Intermediate Latin 
  • Advanced Latin 
  • "Using Classical Sources," Rome: Epic and Empire
  • Rome: Epic and Empire* [Autumn 2022] 

Research interests

My area of specialisation is the culture and society of the late Roman Republic, particuarly between the years of 100-42 BCE. However, I also have specialised in Latin and ancient philosophy.

Other areas of interest include the literature of the Roman Republic and Principate, Greco-Roman fashion and textiles, the reign of Trajan, Greek art and architechture, Pompeii and the Vesuvian area, Roman art and portraiture, and numismatic studies. 

Research projects


I am currently progressing on my doctoral project, titled "Gaius Cassius Longinus: the History and Memory of the Liberator." Throughout the eras, the stories that Cassius has left behind paint a vivid picture of a complex man, unwavering in his beliefs, unyielding in his ambition, and merciless in his resolve. Yet, during his lifetime, Cassius was a renowned commander and devoted republican in his own right. Therefore, this dissertation aims to demonstrate how Cassius attempted to fashion his image into that of a Liberator and examine the evolution of the image and memory from the late Republic into the Principate. 

  • Cassian Portraiture and RRC 514/2
  • The Liberator: Cassius and the Cassian Materials 


  • Gaius Cassius Longinus: the Philosophical Evolution & the Tyrannicide 
  • Epicurean and Platonic Dialogues on Death and the Afterlife 
  • The Cassian Letters


  • Marcus Junius Brutus and Gaius Cassius Longinus: Politics and Philsophy in the Late Roman Republic 
  • Roman and Greek Identity in Cicero 
  • Brutus and the Exempla of the Mos Maiorum 
  • The Ideal and Identity in Classical Athens: Doryphoros & The Tyrannicide Statue 
  • Violence in the Late Roman Republic


  • The Good Life: Philosophical Similarities of Living Well in Platonic, Stoic, and Epicurean Philosophy
  • The Image of Caesar in Catullus 

Notable Achievements


  • 'The Good Life: Living Well in Platonic, Stoic, and Epicurean Philosophy,' Ancient Roman Magazine. 

Education/Academic qualification

Classical Civilisation, PhD, University of Roehampton

Award Date: 1 Oct 2024

Classical Studies, BA (Hons), John Cabot University

Classics and Ancient History, MA, University of Manchester

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