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    Research areas

  • GN Anthropology - social anthropology, medical anthropology, public health, biomedicine, research ethics, scholarly publishing, disciplinarity


A social anthropologist by training, I completed my PhD at James Cook University in Australia in 2000 based on fieldwork in South Korea on Chondogyo, one of the country’s many new religious movements. I continued to work in this area until 2006, coinciding with a move to Canada, when I moved into the anthropology of health and medicine.

Since that time my research has has focused primarily on bringing an anthropological lens to bear on smoking – both on tobacco use itself and efforts to eradicate it (especially tobacco ‘denormalization’ strategies). Likewise, I have a similar interest in cancer – both how it is experienced and how it is intervened into – especially in the ‘survivorship’ phase. However, I am also interested in procedural research ethics and scholarly publishing and the processes that shape academic knowledge production more broadly, and have been involved in efforts to intervene into both – most recently via my participation in LIBRARIA, a collective of anthropology, archaeology and related journals exploring cooperative alternatives to the current ecology of academic publishing.

Prior to joining the Centre for Research in Evolutionary, Social and Interdisciplinary Anthropology in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Roehampton, I held academic appointments in anthropology departments at the University of British Columbia in Canada, Macquarie University in Australia and University of Northern Colorado in the USA.



BA(Hons), MA, PhD


Being Human

HIV/AIDS and Global Health

Anthropology Undergraduate Dissertation

Professional affiliations

Editorial Board member, Critical Public Health (former co-editor)

Excecutive Committee member, Libraria

European Association of Social Anthropologists, member

American Anthropological Association, member

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