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Mayra Ruiz Castro is a Senior Lecturer in Ethics at Roehampton Business School. Before joining the University of Roehampton in April 2018, Mayra was a Senior Lecturer at Kingston University. She was a researcher at the Harvard Business School focusing on gender equality issues at work and at home. She was also a part-time Lecturer at Babson College and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Gender in Organizations (Simmons College) and Women’s Studies Research Center (Brandeis University). Mayra also worked as a researcher at the University of Stuttgart, conducting an evaluation of mentoring programs for women in Germany, a project funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). She received her Ph.D. degree from University College London. 


Research interests

Mayra’s research is concerned with (in)equality in organizations, the labour market and the professions, focusing primarily on the role of gender, race and class in career outcomes. 

Her research has been published in Work, Employment and Society and Gender, Work and Organization. She has been the recipient of grants from the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology (CONACyT), the British Council and the Santander Mobility Grant Program.

Research projects

Mayra is currently working on two major research projects. First, she is researching on data scientists' professional identity and ethical perspectives and behavior. She is also investigating career transitions and career trajectories in the field of (big) data science.

Second, Mayra is advancing research on social reproduction and class inequality in organizations, linking maternal employment, intrahousehold roles and negotiation and socio-economic class factors with professionals' career outcomes. 

Mayra collaborates with academics from Harvard Business School, ESSEC Business School, IPADE Business School, Mount Holyoke College, Radboud University and Kingston University.

Consultancy work

Mayra works together with academics and practitioners to identify the role of gender in organizational and household dynamics. She advises corporations in Mexico on the implementation and evaluation of gender equality and work/life balance initiatives. She also collaborates with practitioners and activists in the UK to explore the experiences of ethnic minority professional women.


Mayra is committed to forming ethical business leaders through her teaching. She has taught Business Ethics, International Human Resource Management, Leadership and Change, Organizational Behavior, and Qualitative Research Methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

ID: 858575