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Born and raised in New Jersey, I attended Pace University (NYC) before moving to Ireland where I graduated with an MA and PhD in History from University College Cork (National University of Ireland). I have taught diplomatic history and United States history at University College Cork, the University of Leicester, and Northumbria University. I joined the University of Roehampton in 2017.

My research explores the foreign policies of the United States during the early twentieth century, and particularly the international relations of that period. My research tends toward multidisciplinarity, and have published books and articles that aim to answer historical questions through an evaluation of media, memory, politics, and culture. My most recent book, Theodore Roosevelt's Ghost: The History and Memory of an American Icon, is the first comprehensive examination of Roosevelt’s legacy and details the frequent refashioning of this American icon in popular memory.

My wider research interests include: Anglo-American relations, transatlantic studies, public memory and art, and international law. My latest research project will look at the formation of international law in the late nineteenth century and how that field developed through networks of activists.

Although living on this side of the “pond” for some time, I am a stalwart baseball fan (Go Yankees!) and cannot grasp score-less sports that end in a tie.