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2056 Parkstead House, Whitelands


Mick is an internationally recognised authority in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and a chartered psychologist. Mick is author of a range of texts on humanistic, existential and relational approaches to therapy, and co-developed the pluralistic approach with Professor John McLeod. Mick is Director of the Centre for Social and psychological Transformation (CREST) at the University of Roehampton.



Research interests

Counselling with children and young people, humanistic therapy, existential therapy, the therapy relationship, personalisation and shared decision making, goals in therapy, relational depth, dialogue

Research projects

(2010 onwards)

2016 Economic and Social Research Council (ESCR), Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness Trial of Humanistic cOunselling in Schools: Individual RCT (ETHOS).

2014 Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), Evaluation of ProReal avatar-based software for young people.

2014 Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), Evaluation of ProReal avatar-based software in prisons.

2012 British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Clinical Lead, Counselling MindEd,.

2012 Department of Health, Counselling MindEd e-learning programme.

2012 Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS, School counselling for children with social, emotional and behavioural needs (COSEE-II).

2012 Relate, Evaluation of Relate's online counselling service for young people (RELY).

2012 British Psychological Society, Division of Counselling Psychology, Pluralistic therapy for depression pilot study.

2012 Chief Scientist Office, Scotland. Counselling versus low intensity CBT for low mood (CLiCD).

2012 British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Co-lead, Development of competences for counselling children and young people.

2011 Society for Existential Analysis, Meta-analysis of effectiveness of existential therapies.

2011 British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Briefing paper on developing an RCT of Counselling for Depression.

2010 National Assembly for Wales, Lead investigator, Evaluation of school-based counselling in Wales.

Professional affiliations

Higher Education Academic (Principal Fellow)

Academy of Social Sciences (Academician)

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (Fellow)

British Psychological Society (Associate Fellow)

Division of Counselling Psychology, BPS (full member)

Society for Humanistic Psychology (Div. 32, APA)

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy


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