Dr Nicholas Longpré is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Roehampton. He is the acting Program Convenor for the MSc Forensic Psychology. He also acts as Modules Convenor for the 3rd year BSc Criminal and Forensic Psychology and for the MSc Forensic Psychology.


Research interests

My research interests principally revolve around sexual and nonsexual violent offending. More specifically, my work focuses on the study of the latent structure and etiology of sexual sadism and sexually coercive behaviours, the Agonistic Continuum, the measurement of offence-supportive cognitions among sexual offenders, as well as the exchange and consumption of child pornography. I am currently studying the latent structure of sexual harassment and sexually coercive behaviours among college students and their correlates with personality disorders, hypersexuality, and emotion processing.


BSc - Criminal and Forensic Psychology

MSc - Understanding Criminal Behaviour 

MSc - Research Methods Skills 

MSc - Assessment and Consultancy Provision 

MSc - Forensic Mental Health 

Research projects

Longpré, N., Knight, R.A. & Du, R. (Manuscript in preparation). Development and validation on a new Agonistic Continuum Scale. 

White, E.S., Longpré, N., & Stefanska, E. (Manuscript in preparation). Stalking Behaviours Presented by Ex-intimate Stalkers: A Victim’s Perspective. 

Harriman, R.S., Stefanska, E., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Severity of Stalking. 

Hollewell, G.F., & Longpré, N. (Manuscript in preparation). Radicalisation in the Digital Era: Understanding the Relationship Between Self-radicalisation and the Internet. 

Longpré, N., & Knight, R.A. (Manuscript in preparation). The latent structure of the Agonistic Continuum: Nailing the coffin about Paraphilic Coercion. 

Longpré, N., Sims-Knight, J.E., Guay, J.P., & Knight, R.A. (Manuscript in preparation). Sexual harassment and sexually coercive behaviors among college student. 

Brouillette-Alarie, S., Longpré, N., Lee, S.C., & Babchishin, K., (Manuscript in preparation). A Two-parameter Item Response Theory Analysis of the Static-99R.

Research projects

Longpré, N., Sims-Knight, J.E., Neumann, C., Guay, J.P., & Knight, R.A. (Under Review). Is Paraphilic Coercion a Different Construct from Sadism or Simply the Lower End of an Agonistic Continuum?

Goyette, M., Rouleau, J.L., Trottier, D., Renaud, P., Longpré, N., & Barsetti, I. (Under Review). Computer-generated stimuli: Profile analysis and classification accuracy comparison based on penile plethysmography.

Knight, R.A. & Longpré, N., (forthcoming, 2020). Rape fantasy and offending. In L.A. Craig, & R. Bartels (ED.), Sexual Deviance: Understanding and Managing Deviant Sexual Interest and Paraphilic Disorders. Wiley-Blackwell: NJ, USA.

Longpré, N., Guay, J.P., & Knight, R.A. (forthcoming, 2020). Sexual Sadism. In J. Proulx, F. Cortoni, L.A. Craig, & E. Letourneau (Ed.), The Wiley Handbook on What Works with Sexual Offenders: Contemporary Perspectives in Theory, Assessment, Treatment and Prevention. John Wiley & Sons: New-York.

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