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Paul Rixon teaches on the Media and Culture programme. Paul specialises in the field of Broadcasting with a particular interest in American TV programmes. Paul has written two books, one on American TV programmes on British Television and the other about the work of popular television critics. He has published a number of articles and chapters on newspaper television critics, American TV programmes, the Iraqi war and on attempts to re-imagine Stoke-on-Trent as a European city.

Role and Responsibilities

Programme Convenor, BA Media, Culture & Identity and BA Mass Communications (2018-2019)

Member of RSRB

Programme Convenor, BA Media, Culture & Identity and BA Mass Communications (2004-16)

Aventis Link Tutor: Singapore 2016-18

Module development and delivery

Supervision of dissertations at BA and MA

PhD level  - 7 supervised to completion


Examination of doctoral dissertations:

External examiner: Middlesex University Paul Stacey ‘New Technologies of Democracy: How the Information and Communication Technologies are shaping new Cultures of Radical Democratic Politics’.  May 2006

External examiner: University of Winchester (accredited institution of University of Southampton), Alexander Hay ‘Hypernews: Hypertextual Theory and the Nature of Electronic Journalism’. 22nd January 2009.

Internal examiner: Denzell Richards, 'Interactive Practice and Intertextual Readings: The Popular DVD Collectors Market'. 20th January 2011.

Internal examiner: Nathalie Weidhase. 'Female pop dandies' in contemporary music (with case studies of Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse and Rihanna)’. 24th March 2017.


External Examining

External examiner MA Design: Global Media Management Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. 2017-

External examiner BA (Hons) Media and Culture, University of the Arts London.  2012-2017.

External examiner BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communications, Keele University. 2011-2016

External examiner BA (Hons) Media Studies for Accrington and Rossendale Collage 1999-2002 (Franchise Liverpool John Moores University)

External examiner BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies 2000-04 Southampton Institute

External examiner MA Media and Communications Middlesex University 2003-6.

External examiner MA TV Production Bournemouth University 2004-6 (closed)

External examiner MA Media and TV Production Staffordshire University 2007-2012.

External examiner BA Media Studies and BA (Hons) FTVRS Staffordshire University 2007-2012

Auditor Second Tier Middlesex University 2006-2010

Staffordshire University overseas Monitor, TMC Singapore 1995-2002.



Main roles

Media Studies Award Tutor Staffordshire University 1994-2002

Staffordshire University overseas Monitor, TMC Singapore 1995-2002

Media and Culture Programme Convenor Roehampton University 2003-2016/ 2018-2019,

Aventis Link Tutor: Singapore 2016-2017

Main committees:

Various School and Departmental Committees: Staffordshire: The School of Arts Quality and Development Committee, RSRB and the School Management Committee.

Roehampton: Exam boards, School Board, Learning and Teaching Committee (LTAG and LTAQ) and the University Progression board.



BSc (Hons) Sociology CNNA 1986
MA in Communication Policy Studies City University 1989
MA in Film & Television Studies CNNA 1990
PhD Leeds University 1996

Research interests

European Media, American Television, British Broadcasting, New Media Technologies, radio and television criticism.

Professional affiliations


Associate Member of the Higher Education Association (HEA)

Centre for Research in Film and Audiovisual Cultures CRFAC



Introduction to Media

News Media

From Mass Media to Multi Media

Media Culture and Society

Introduction to Film

Media Consumption and Everyday life

Research Methods

American Television

Future Visions

European Media

Introduction to Radio

Approaches to Media and Culture

Media and the Public sphere

Podcasting and Radio



Media Futures


Film and Memory

Global Media & Communications

New Media

Communications and Culture: Theories and Approaches

Global Media and Communications

Digital Reportage

Research projects

Changes affecting British TV critics - new project