I am a Principal Lecturer in Educational Psychology and programme convener for the BA/BSc Programme in Education. I previously worked as a senior educational psychologist and taught on the doctoral programme in Educational Psychology at University College London - Institute of Education, I completed my PhD on teachers' emotions at work at Birkbeck College, in 2008.


BSc Psychology, University of Sheffield, MSc Educational Psychology, University College London, Institute of Education, PhD Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck College, University of London

Research interests

My research interests are the study of emotions from the perspective of cognitive appraisal theory and narrative psychological research on adolescents. For my PhD I researched primary school teachers' emotions at work. The research focusses on the relationship between cognition and specific emotions, such as pride, guilt and anger, and the influence they have on attitudes and behaviour. More recently I became interested in the application of narrative psychological research to the study of adolescent development. In particular, I recently completed a research project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, in which I studied the relationship between troubled and excluded adolescents' personal narratives and their ability to engage with education. I examined adolescents' memories of school from a narrative dialogical perspective which emphasises how individuals, and adolescents in particular, may become positioned by significant others at different stages in their lives. As a direct consequence of this research project, a colleague and I recently piloted the implementation of narrative solution focussed interventions in secondary schools. The aim of the intervention is to help young adolescents who are disaffected from school become re-engaged with their education. The pilot study has resulted in positive outcomes for the participants and we are at present bidding for further funding. For details regarding Narrative Solutions for Young Adolescents at School please visit

Research projects

Following my PhD I continued to examine teachers' specific emotions at work and the influence these have on the quality of their relationships with colleagues and students. More, recently I completed a research project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, on the autobiographical memories of adolescents excluded from school and their educational engagement.

Professional affiliations



Consultancy work

Consultancy in school on behaviour management, assessment of literacy and psychometric assessment.

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I have extensive experience of teaching in the field of child and education psychology. In particular I have taught on the subjects of child development, social emotional dimension of learning, attachment theory, cognitive behavioural psychology, teachers' working lives, counselling in schools, narrative psychology and adolescence.


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