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I am interested in all aspects of what works for children’s development, education and health. I am particularly interested in functional approaches to disability and atypical development, and on how interventions translate into positive participation outcomes, in children’s daily lives. I am a chartered psychologist with expertise in child development and education, and experience of working with young children, their families and multi-disciplinary teams.

I joined Roehampton in 2013 as a Senior Lecturer in Education. Since then, I have been awarded a number of research grants to continue my research on what works for different groups of children and their education, with national and international sponsors, such as The British Academy and the European Commission. I was principal investigator in a project on the implementation of Education Health and Care plans for children with disabilities in England, and UK representative on a European project aiming to develop an online tool to support the assessment of children with disabilities by multi-disciplinary teams.

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Phd Psychology

MSc Psychology

Research interests

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Early Childhood Intervention

Early Childhood Education and Care

Professional Development in early years

Educational and Developmental Assessment

Educational Interventions

Parenting Interventions

Research projects


  1. 2017-2018: Co-Principal Investigator with Dr Olympia Palikara, ‘Froebelian Pedagogy in the light of the Children and Families Act 2014’, Funded by Froebel Trust (£14,959). URL:
  2. 2015-2018: UK partner with Dr Olympia Palikara, ‘ICF-MED-USE’ (£35,000 of 385,000€), funded by the European Commission, Erasmus Plus. URL:
  3. 2015-2017: Principal investigator, ‘A quality evaluation study of the Education, Health and Care Plans’, Funded by the British Academy / Leverhulme Trust (ref.SG142214) (£9 989). URL:
  4. 2015: Co-Applicant with Dr Olympia Palikara, ‘The new Special Educational Needs Framework: Make it work!’, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council [ESRC], ESRC Festival of Social Sciences (£1,410). URL:
  5. 2015-2016: Co-Principal Investigator with Dr Olympia Palikara, ‘Norming of the Intelligence Test CFT-20’, funded by Hogrefe Publishing Corp. (£40,000)
  6. 2012-2014: Partner in 6 country-consortium and co-Investigator with Dr Ana Isabel Pinto and Dr Catarina Grande, “ICF-Train”, funded by the European Commission, Leonardo DaVinci scheme (24,000€ of 300,000€). URL:
  7. 2012: Co-investigator with Dr Ana Isabel Pinto and Dr Catarina Grande, ‘Learning in Natural Contexts: Embedded Instruction Program’, funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  8. 2011: Co-Investigator with Dr Ana Isabel Pinto and Dr Catarina Grande, ‘Elaboration of Special Education Programs and Intervention Plans’, funded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
  9. 2009: Co-investigator with Dr Ana Isabel Pinto and Dr Catarina Grande, ‘Contributos da CIF-CJ para o estudo da participacao em crianas com incapacidades em idades precoces [ICF-CY contributions to the study of participation of children with disabilities in early years], funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology [RIPD/CIF/109664/2009] (79,969€). URL:


Professional affiliations

  • Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society (347007)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (United Kingdom) (#PR074208)
  • Chartered member of the Division of Educational and Child Psychology of the British Psychological Society
  • Member of the International Society for Research on Child Development
  • Member of the European Society of Developmental Psychology
  • Member of the International Society for Early Intervention
  • Chartered member of the Ordem do Psicologos Portugueses (OPP) [National Association of Psychologists, Portugal]
  • Member of the European Academy of Childhood Disability

Consultancy work

I am a trained instructor on the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF; WHO, 2001), having led more than 20 continuous professional development courses in this topic worldwide, and for a range of professionals (teachers, special education professionals, therapists, psychologists, paediatricians and researchers).

Together with colleagues from Roehampton university, I have also delivered a number of trainings on how to apply the ICF to the development of Education, Health and Care plans in England, such as for Childbase Partnership and Pre-school Learning Alliance.

I have given a number of talks, led workshops and short-courses for individual schools or groups of schools in England and abroad.


BA Education Studies, Roehampton University (2013-present):

  1. Head of year 1 (2013-present)
  2. EDU020C716Y Child Development, year 1, Module leader
  3. Child Development and Educational Practice, year 1, Module Leader
  4. EDU020N334Y Researching Education, year 2, Module Leader
  5. EDU020N347S Infant Development, year 2, Module Leader
  6. EDU020N828A Developmental Phases in Education, from Infancy to Adolescence, year 2, Module Leader


MSc Psychology for Education Professionals teaching, Roehampton University (2015): PEP020L003S Assessment and Intervention in Education

BA Early Childhood Studies teaching, Roehampton University (2013-2015): ECH020N217Y Special Educational Needs in Early Years, year 2


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