Personal profile

Consultancy work

+ Miami City Ballet
+ The Frick Pittsburgh
+ Studio Theatre, Washington DC
+ The Wolfsonian FIU
+ San Angelo Museum of Art

Research projects

Thesis Working Title: 

Nation on Stage: A study of modernity and ‘Englishness’ in scenography for the Vic Wells Ballet, 1931 to 1946

Professional affiliations

+ Association of Dress Historians (ADH)
+ Costume Society of America (CSA) Mid-Atlantic Region President and Treasurer
+ ICOM International Committee for Museums and Collections of Costume, Fashion and Textiles


Tanya Wetenhall is a postgraduate research student in the School of Arts at the University of Roehampton. Her research interests are interdisciplinary, spanning dance, theatre and performance, design, cultural studies, and material and visual culture. 

Research interests

+ Ballet, ballet costume, ballet scenography and history
+ Dress history and theory: fashion and costume for the
   stage, 18th to the late 20th century
+ Artists designing for the stage
+ British artists and designers for costume, court, fashion and stage
+ Nation and design
​+ Russian dress and textiles and related regions
+ Object-based teaching and learning


Assistant Professor at the George Washington University:
+ 18th-Century Dress--The Age of Revolution in Fashion, 1700 to 1825 
+ 19th-Century Dress--Towards a New Social Regime: Bourgeois Clothing and Fashionable Dress, 1830 to 1900 

+ Fashion in Art
+ Costume History Survey 
+ Designing Classical Ballet 
+ Global Dress and Culture 

History of Fashion I, II, III
+ History of the Theatre I
+ Period Styles
+ Theatre Production (taught as an introduction to scenography)
+ Understanding the Theatre


Education/Academic qualification

BA (Hons), New York University

MA, State University of New York—Fashion Institute of Technology


  • NX Arts in general
  • NK Decorative arts Applied arts Decoration and ornament
  • N Visual arts (General) For photography, see TR
  • NC Drawing Design Illustration
  • TT Handicrafts Arts and crafts
  • GT Manners and customs
  • Costume
  • Dance
  • Ballet
  • GV Recreation Leisure
  • Dance
  • Ballet
  • D204 Modern History
  • DA Great Britain
  • D731 World War II
  • DK Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics