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I completed my Ph.D in Economics at CORE, Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). My fields of research cover Economic Growth & Development, Demographic Economics, & Environmental Economics. I have gained experience in diverse academic settings in Asia (Japan & Vietnam) and Europe (Belgium, Germany, & the UK). I am currently a senior lecturer in economics at Roehampton Business School. 

My current research focuses on the emergence of anthropogenic tipping points in coupled human-natural systems in which the heterogeneity of   resource users may play a crucial role through the effort sorting effect when the resource abundance declines. Among other projects, I emphasize the population growth in less developed countries that contributes to local environmental degradation, global warming, and reinforces stagnation. I provide several novel explanations and testable hypotheses for the slow demographic transition, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. This transition is related to gender-biased allocation of housework, inadequate basic infrastructure, low life expectancy, and the resulting education gender gap, all of which persist under the effect of climate change. Understanding such mechanisms of interactions would be demanded for designing and implementing policies towards sustainability. 

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