Personal profile


I studied Early Years Teaching and Learning Bachelor of Arts at Kingston University and did my Master of Arts at the University of Hertfordshire. During these periods, I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in various schools. I moved on to be a Team Leader and Deputy Manager in à Nursery school in Coventry; a dedicated Early Years Educator with great commitment towards the service, learning and developmental needs of children and young people with SEND 0-25 years. I worked in Hertfordshire City Council as an Early Years Vision and Tactile Development Specialist from 2018 to 2020. As part of the 0-25 Visual Impairment team; I worked with teachers and parents. I trained teachers, parents, and families in conjunction with consultants and medical staff on vision development. Also, I modelled to them how to enhance the learning of children with visual impairments. I therefore supported the transition to early years settings and school. I ran a preschool group for children, parents, and carers – DOVES (Developmental Opportunities, Visual Experiences and Support).  Further to this, I provided specialist knowledge and experience in planning, preparing, and delivering home/early years setting-based programmes to children with a visual impairment, including those with additional and complex needs in homes and settings (e.g., nursery). Also, I provided services for children and young people with SEND 0-25 years according to the SEND Regulations and Code of Practice, and the Children and Families Act (2014). In November 2020, I joined the Multikids Academy (Africa) as a senior teacher lead for key stage 1 in the Early Years department. In 2021, I was appointed as the Head of department and a consultant for SEND. My current role is as a consultant to different schools in the area of inclusion of children with additional needs to the mainstream system; developing EHCP plans for schools, and training teachers and parents to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of the children.



BA in Early Years Teaching and Learning (Kingston University)

MA in Education with a Special Needs focus (University of Hertfordshire)

PhD student (University of Roehampton)


Research Interest

Research Topic: A critical look at educational interventions for children with special needs in Ghana.

Broad area: Children with special needs and their inclusion in mainstream education.

Specific research focus: A review of current provisions for children with special needs in Ghana and the needed enhancements for including them in mainstream schools.

Consultancy work

  1. Research and plan a comprehensive learning programme in Key Stage 1 mainstream and adapt the UK curriculum for the Primary Department of the Academy.
  2. Train teachers to identify individual learning needs, and styles, and plan experiences that enable all students to achieve success irrespective of their varying Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).
  3. Training schools for behaviour management