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Prison & School: Self-Esteem in Education

Jogie, M.


Project: Research

Research on Trainee Teachers' Perceptions of Reading for Pleasure

Harrison, A., Cremin, T., McDonald, R. & Bearne, E.


Project: Research

Belonging in the Diaspora

Jogie, M.


Project: Research

Exploring Interdisciplinary World Building in Games Design

Salzer, H., Williams, D., Jensson, I., Gunnarsson, Z. & Burton, R.

10/07/19 → …

Project: Research

Dance Europe Now!

Kolb, A. & Nicole, H.

1/03/19 → …

Project: Research

Hearth Tax Digital

Wareham, A.

6/02/19 → …

Project: Research

ASCENTS 1-2-1 support for science

Abrahams, I., Inglis, M., Sharpe, R., Vaughan, H., Reiss, M. & Dunlop, L.

Educational Endowment Foundation (EEF)


Project: Research

Dance, the Everyday and Social Resistance

Kolb, A.

20/04/17 → …

Project: Research

OMC: Our Mythical Childhood...

Deacy, P. S.


Project: Research

God and Study Skills: Learning as Formation

Cocksworth, A., Slee, N. & Allen, D.

Project: Research

Diverse alarums

Kolb, A.

Project: Research

Images and Identity Improving citizenship Education through Art

Mason, R., Moura Correia , D. A., Vella, R., Buschkuehle, C. P., Jordan, D. & Fulkova, M.

Project: Research


Decolonising the Curriculum

Jogie, M. & Kamenopoulou, L.


Project: Other

ERASMUS + Staff Mobility Programme 2019

Kallitsoglou, A.


Project: Research

Roadmap on technology and data sources for agricultural decision making

Yu, W., Liu , Z., Ye, Y., Wang, X. & Yuan, C.


Project: Research

Achieving Sustainable Intensification using Remote Sensing

Yu, W., Areal, F., Liu , Z., Tansey , K. & Yuan, C.


Project: Research

Augmented Procurement Visibility: Developing the self-organising capability of agricultural procurement systems

Yu, W., Ramanathan , R., Batista , L., Kirkham , T., Mathews , B., Martin , P., Bassett , J. & Schmidt , X.


Project: Research

Data-driven agri-food supply chains for sustainability and productivity: A case in Henan Province, China

Yu, W., Ramanathan , R., Duan , Y., Kirkham , T., Collingwood , T., Chouduary , S. & Yang , J.


Project: Research

Understanding food waste in Turkey

Yurt, O.


Project: Research