Adapting to the 'New Normal': Implications for post-COVID-19 Health Communication and Education

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Although many countries are lifting restrictions, there remains much uncertainty over how nations will function with the
ongoing risks of COVID-19 (or future variants) under a ‘new normal’. This project investigates the likeliness of communities in Japan and the UK adapting to incumbent changes to health policies, guidance, and social etiquettes, given the prospects of new waves of infection, social restrictions, employment requirements, and changes in the availability and distribution of vaccines.

This will be facilitated using a mixed methods design, in one region with a relatively low recorded rate of vaccine uptake or confidence, in both Japan and the UK. The design builds on the COVID-19 work of two of the project contributors, on mental anxiety and social contact patterns, respectively. The study considers civic engagement as a driver of vaccine engagement in the new normal, and dovetails with the British Academy’s recommended ‘CLEAR’ principles for policy change.
Effective start/end date27/10/2129/04/22