Amnesty International: Human Rights Eduction in Hostile Environments

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In the Asia Pacific Region, human rights educators continue to struggle against an increasingly hostile environment for civil society, with both Hong Kong and Thailand seeing a year faced, not only with Covid-19, but also, widespread demonstrations and protests. Amnesty India was forced to closure after Indian authorities froze the organization’s bank accounts. 2021 saw the closure of Amnesty Hong Kong while 2022 brings further risks to Amnesty Thailand. Freedom of expression and the right to protest are two thematic areas of importance for the region2. Authoritarian practices thrive, crushing dissent and shrinking civic space for engagement – offline and online3
Amnesty International’s Strategic Framework (2022-2030) outlines the relevance of mobilizing human rights education as critical to strengthening the ability to deliver human rights change.

I worked with Amnesty International's Global Human Right Education Team to conduct a situation analysis to better understand the conditions under which human rights education work is being undertaken in hostile environments. We looked at ways in which to defend civic space to, in and through HRE, in countries classified by Civicus as closed, repressed, obstructed and narrowed in the Asia Pacific region. The ultimate purpose is to improve HRE knowledge about the multiple threats and risks to effectively operate in hostile environments and developing practical methodologies, tactics and techniques to responding to them while delivering human rights education.

Layman's description

Research Project: How can Human Rights Education be conducted in Hostile Environments Under Authoritarian Regimes?

Key findings

a) Identification of the nature and scope of the programmatic and operational challenges faced by human rights educators in hostile environments and the impact on their daily work
b) Identification of optimal HRE approaches that can be used as good practice for operating in hostile environments along with initial pathways for further exploration
c) Evidence-based recommendations for scaling up HRE in hostile environments
Effective start/end date1/12/2231/01/23