Art Psychotherapy Japan 1 and 2 partnership projects

Project Details


Two visits to Japan (2016 and 2019) the latter partly funded by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation involved presenting at National (Japan) and International (IPC Yokohama 2016) conferences and a series of Art Psychotherapy Master Classes to Clinical Psychologists including Masters level trainees.

Layman's description

While professionally established in the UK and elsewhere Art Psychotherapy is currently little known or understood in Japan. However, a small number of Japanese Art Psychotherapists, mainly trained in the UK and USA, now practice in Japan. There is a growing interest in the discipline, especially among Clinical Psychologists, and the project is designed to introduce theory and practice of Art Psychotherapy to this group. The 2nd visit in 2019, building on the 2016 visit, included giving 2 week-long Summer School Master Classes in different locations in Japan.

Key findings

Cultural and historical differences are very important especially when introducing Western ideas and theoretical perspectives to a Japanese audience.

While in the UK most students taking up training to become Art Psychotherapist have a first degree in Fine Art or another Art and Design based discipline, in Japan the idea that an Artist can practice Psychotherapy is alien.
Short titleArt Psychotherapy Japan
Effective start/end date27/07/1910/08/19


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