Data-driven agri-food supply chains for sustainability and productivity: A case in Henan Province, China

  • Yu, Wantao (PI)
  • Ramanathan , Ramakrishnan (CoI)
  • Duan , Yanqing (CoI)
  • Kirkham , Tom (CoI)
  • Collingwood , Tom (CoI)
  • Chouduary , Sonal (CoI)
  • Yang , Jiehui (CoI)

Project Details

Layman's description

The project aims to address a knowledge gap challenge among agri-food supply chain enterprises by promoting data-driven approaches for enhancing sustainability and productivity. The project will be supported by academics and partner organisations from the UK and China. The issues addressed in the project have important research, practical, and policy implications that may transform the way sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture and food processing is done in China.

(i) For practitioners: to provide important insights into how Big Data, IoT and Blockchain can be deployed to build sustainable agri-food supply chain capabilities for achieving better economic, environmental and social benefits; (ii) For policy-makers: to help develop policies and regulations on enhanced energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, and promote the adoption of data-driven approach for sustainable food production; and (iii) For academics: to promote international collaboration between the UK and China and exchange new research developments and innovations in agri-food supply chains.
Effective start/end date16/04/1831/03/19