Developing a data-driven communication platform for improving farmed fish distribution in Kenya

  • Yu, Wantao (CoI)
  • Opiyo, Mary (PI)
  • Ngarari, Morine Mukami (CoI)
  • Orina , Paul (CoI)
  • Yuce, Baris (CoI)
  • Yurt , Oznur (CoI)

Project Details

Layman's description

Post-harvest losses in aquaculture account for an estimated around 40% and contribute to food insecurity in Kenya. Thus, post-harvest losses have been a critical issue in farmed fish supply chains due to its negative effects on sustainability. All supply chain actors, especially the smallholder fish farmers face challenges in terms of capacity management due to the gap between supply and demand of fish in Kenya. There are several relevant problems such as poor fish quality/freshness, fish losses & wastage, and low income and capabilities of smallholder farmers. Potential improvements on capacity management through enhancing the communication between the supply chain actors (i.e. farmers, distributors, consumers) can provide a solution to tackle the challenge. Thus, we aim to propose a data-driven proof of concept platform for improving communication linkages between fish supply chain members in Kenya. The platform will enhance the minimisation of postharvest losses and wastage by better balancing supply and demand. This project aims to provide a proof of concept by covering 2 fish producers and 2 fish retailers.
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/01/23