Health Education England NHS funded healthcare education programmes: Building the evi-dence for supporting widening participation

  • Lander, Vini (PI)
  • Thomas, Liz (PI)

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As nursing continues to advance health care in the 21st century, the present change in demographics in the United Kingdom, tied with the ongoing disparities in health care and health outcomes, warrants our consideration and action. This paper argues that increasing the diversity of staff in professional healthcare roles is necessary to meet the demand for nurses, midwives and other health professionals, to recruit and retain a rich diverse workforce and reduce health disparities. Our qualitative study exposed a strong and persistent passion to be healthcare professionals, which offered them resilience in overcoming the entry hurdles, and sustained them through the many barriers and challenges they experienced on their journey to becoming qualified, and ultimately delivered diversity to the NHS.
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Effective start/end date2/03/1531/08/16