Making the 360-degree Charity: Transforming Sutton Night Watch Charity Services

Project Details


This project aims to catalyse the long-term growth of Sutton Night Watch Homeless and propose a model for its transformation into a ‘360-degree charity’. In doing so, it is envisioned that this will make the charity more robust to crises and business interruption and develop its reputation for holistic services for the homeless, transient, and vulnerable. This project will also support the charity’s overarching mission by showcasing a resilient approach to social justice and welfare contingencies.

The plan for a 360-degree charity, given the small enterprise size of Sutton Night Watch, will be based on a ‘hub-and-spoke’ organisational model. In this case, Sutton Night Watch will represent the hub, and its various partners and downstream support services for its homeless clientele will represent the spokes. The idea is that the charity is already recognised as a central point from which recovery from homelessness can begin, and it can use this enterprise to become a consolidated hub for getting people to the right lodging, health, and financial services.
Effective start/end date7/07/2131/01/22