Neo-abolitionist and pro-sex work representations and rights of migrant trafficked people and sex workers in Italy and the UK since Europe’s migrant crisis: an intersectional approach

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PhD research investigating representations of migrant trafficked people for the purposes of sexual exploitation and sex workers promoted by neo-abolitionist and pro-sex work decriminalisation or legalisation Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Italy and the UK since Europe’s migrant crisis (2015). It analyses CSOs’ discourses and narratives on human trafficking and sex work through an intersectional approach considering gender, race, sexuality, and migration. It explores how CSOs’ representations interconnect with their discourse and interpretation of rights including women’s rights for neo-abolitionists, and migrant’s rights, labour rights, and the human rights of sex workers for pro-sex work organisations.

It explores the link between CSO’s narratives on representations and discourses on rights investigating how they influence their work, funding, and services, and how they set up ideological and political agendas, values, positions, and lobbying activities.

Discourse analysis, visual methods, archival research, and qualitative methods to be employed.
Effective start/end date1/10/2231/03/26