Productivity and food safety improvements for women in community mechanised palm oil processing: The Case of Ejisu Juaben Municipality, Ashanti Region, Ghana.

  • Osabutey, Ellis L. C. (PI)

Project Details


This project is a combination of research, stakeholder workshop and impact case study. The project is funded by the Southlands Methodist Trust (SMT), a charity of the Methodist Church in Britain. The principal investigator will work in partnership with experts at the Ashanti regional office of the Ministry of Agriculture and other key stakeholders. The overall aim is to evaluate the technological needs of women involved in palm oil processing and how existing technologies meet productivity and food safety needs. The specific objectives are:
●To identify the technological needs of women involved in palm oil processing.
●To examine materials used for manufacturing existing processing machines and related food safety implications
●To evaluate user friendliness of machines with specific focus on women processors
●To explore possible improvements in productivity, food safety and livelihoods of the women.

The project will be stakeholder driven. Consultations with experts in agricultural engineering, food processing, food standards as well as related public institutions, government agencies, development bodies, NGOs, machine manufacturers, palm oil processors, community leaders and customers will inform the initial, intermediate and advanced stages of the study.

The first phase of the research will identify the key issues. These issues will be disseminated during a stakeholder workshop. The workshop and the resulting focus group meetings will develop second level data on how to improve the technologies to enhance productivity, food safety and the livelihoods of women involved in the processing. The study will evaluate related impact. Output will be disseminated in workshops and conferences as well as internationally recognised top tier journals.
Effective start/end date17/01/2216/01/23