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This project examines the human rights impact of Tech Companies in Myanmar and provides a resource for civil society to engage companies on their entry, operations, and their potential exit from Myanmar. The project will explain the Tech Company duty to respect human rights and to conduct heightened human rights due diligence when investing in, operating in, or exiting authoritarian States such as Myanmar.

While there is guidance available for State regulators and for business operating in high-risk conflict affected states, it is not legally binding, and has been implemented unevenly at best. There is little specific guidance for tech companies to respect human rights in high-risk conflict affected situations. This report will examine this responsibility in the context of Myanmar and develop a heightened human right due diligence model appropriate for tech companies. In doing so, the report focusses on building the capacity of civil society to engage in this process, to ensure that their human rights are respected, and to strengthen resistance to authoritarian online practices.
Effective start/end date1/02/2331/08/23