Traditions and Trajectories of British and Irish Practical Theology as evidenced in the history of BIAPT's journal

  • Rogers, Andrew (CoI)
  • Cameron, Helen (CoI)
  • Slee, Nicola (CoI)
  • Roberts, Stephen (PI)

    Project Details


    I co-commissioned and co-supervised this project. This was a jointly funded project by BIAPT and Contact Pastoral Trust in 2019 (£1000), leading to the production of a conference paper and journal article (forthcoming 2020), as well as an interactive timeline of the journal's development since the 1960s. This was prompted by the 25th anniversary of BIAPT. The co-comissioners and supervisors were Professor Nicola Slee and Dr Helen Cameron. Dr Stephen Roberts was the project researcher.

    Layman's description

    Identifying trends in the 60 years of a journal's history.

    Key findings

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    Short titleTraditions and Trajectories
    Effective start/end date1/01/1931/07/19