Transforming the Gap: Inclusive Arts and Humanities Research Skills (DAReS) CoLAB

  • Sujon, Zoetanya (PI)
  • Troisi, Anna (CoI)
  • Sigthorsson, Gauti (CoI)
  • Basu, Maitrayee (CoI)
  • Richards, Aisha (CoI)

Project Details


A pilot project, aimed at developing an inclusive model for digital skills training and professional development for arts and humanities researchers.

The DAReS CoLab project has three key aims:
1. Collaboratively develop an inclusive model for digital skills provision with marginalised arts and humanities researchers.
2. Pilot this model through a co-created digital research skills curriculum and training provision through a summer school and hackathon.
3. Evaluate the project through participant's self-reported levels of confidence and competence in digital research skills, as well as the number of new projects or new approaches to existing projects.

Layman's description

Digital skills training and professional development, with a focus on inclusive practice and co-design of learning (e.g., workshops, hackathons) to engage a diverse range of participants.
Short titleTransforming the Gap
Effective start/end date1/01/2330/04/24