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Monthly Reading Workshop for students training to be primary school teachers.

Layman's description

I lead six universities to jointly run a Reading workshop for postgraduate and undergraduate students. Each month, we invite students to read one children's literature text and host an online workshop style event in the evening. We ask students to complete book reviews and award a certificate for engagement and attendance. The other Universities involved are Greenwich, Bishop Grotteste, University of East Anglia, UCL and Thomas More, Belgium.

Key findings

This workshop is based on research by Cremin et al (2014) on Reading for Pleasure pedagogy. One of the strands within the research is about the need for teachers to increase their knowledge of children's books. Successful reading practices in school mean teachers need to recommend children's books to their pupils. If they themselves are authentic readers, this recommendation carries weight. This is the second year for running this Workshop style club. We gave out 10 certificates and overall had between 45 students to 20 students for each of the six sessions. We are planning to offer this again next year 2023-24.
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Effective start/end date26/09/2228/02/23