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Unpaid labour is commonly associated with domestic and reproductive labour that occurs inside households and is performed predominantly by women. Here, a novel perspective on unpaid labour will be explored, as it will be analysed in the context of employment and self-employment, where certain aspects of work are paid for, and other aspects systematically remain unremunerated. This is especially pertinent in case of creative, care and gig jobs, where people report working for free for the sake of networks, on-the-job training, customers’ reviews, employability, flexibility, and their professional identity. Until now, the link between unpaid labour (in employment and self-employment) and mental health remains unexplored, and this is the research gap this project aims to address.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/09/24 → 31/08/25


  • unpaid labour
  • mental health
  • suffering at work
  • biographical methods
  • creative work
  • education
  • care work
  • gig work