Women and Leadership: a comparative study of schools and the Methodist church

Project Details


A review of the literature from mainly education settings exploring the terrain of women and leadership sought to identify insights for both the education sector and the Church by exploring four major themes:
i) the representation of women within the leadership structures,
ii) where women are represented within the structures,
iii) how leadership is exercised by women,
iv) the place of leadership development.
(Funding Body: Susana Wesley Foundation)

Layman's description

There is much shared history and common ground between churches and educational institutions given their particular concerns with serving the community, supporting social cohesion and promoting social justice. A considerable amount of research has been conducted into women’s experiences of leadership in the education sector. Yet whilst there are calls to ‘make things better’, ways forward seem less easy to implement and the same experiences and frustrations continue to emerge in research. The challenge remains to identify what it is that thwarts these good intentions and how a more inclusive practice, and conception, of leadership might be achieved

Key findings

The key findings and implications which emerge indicate that intentions appear to be ‘good’ in the education sector. However, the concerns and problems previously identified seem not to have gone away despite the implementation of a number of ‘technical solutions’.
Effective start/end date1/10/151/02/16