Working with Local Traveller Communities to Develop Inclusive Practice and Cultural Awareness in Lincolnshire.

Project Details


Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative are unusual in their aims given that few services make serious attempts to include Traveller communities in service development (Robinson and Martin, 2008). In partnership with LTI, who champion Traveller communities and good practice, the proposed research will explore innovations in how both local and national mainstream services and support organisations can: 1) include Traveller communities in their service development, 2) make themselves easier to access for Traveller communities, and 3) engage more fully in inclusive professional practice, that is underscored by improved cultural
awareness. A key methodological innovation of the study is the cocreation of inclusive practice and a transformative framework of practice with Traveller communities in an innovative participatory research project that facilitates them as ‘experts by experience’ (Lane et al, 2014) in order to co-develop authentic insights concerning good practice and effective support.
Effective start/end date6/02/2329/02/24