Creative and complex ways of knowing and ways of being through embodied physical education teacher education assessment

Alison Morag Murray, Year 2 Roehampton BA Primary Physical Education Specialists, Kristy Howells

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    Contemporary times make disconnection of self, of others in relation to self, ever more probable. For student teachers and tutors alike, tensions between experiencing and attaining expected higher education academic proficencies with lived known and unknown constraints, catalyzed the collective decision to adopt a bolder approach to and through the PE specialism module assignment.This paper shares the journey, the collective decisions to stay together and face the challenges as one connected collective. Displaying all aspects of a complex adaptive system, the cohort embraced the complexity system quality of ambiguously bounded (Davis & Sumara, 2006) as the entry point to re-frame the existing assessment which was set through solo endeavors for a two-part assignment.Part one invites student (teachers) to create a learning resource, and demonstrate an understanding of specific subject knowledge and creative pedagogy through the design and content of its design and intent. In the second part, the rationale, they are to justify the resource in relation to its potential for developing children's creativity in a subject specific context. Having endured the second semester of their first year through lockdown, the cohort decided to take on part 1 as a team. They collectively created a set of developmentally appropriate fundamental movement task cards (dedicated to Luke), and then to use collective competencies as momentum to embrace Part 2.The cohort have been tested emotionally (never an element of the rubric), the paper shares the cohort’s collective voices emerging practice, making sense of the nuances across assessment ambiguities to find new and deeper connections emerge through the cohort’s culminated piece. It notes the duplicities of strength and fragility, of transaction and transformation, of boldness of action and humanity of compassion as the cohort re-emerge and re- dedicate an emerging way forward.Access:
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAssociation Internationale de Ecoles Superieures d' Education Physique
    Subtitle of host publicationDescendons La Montagne
    PublisherAssociation Internationale des Ecoles Superieures d’Education Physique
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    Publication statusPublished - 8 Jun 2021

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