De Falstfaff à F for Fake, de Shakespeare à Welles: les puissances du faux et la mort de l’auteur en question

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Orson Welles has always been associated with Shakespeare, from early stage when acting to his cinematic adaptations. Falstaff is seen as his double. With his latest film, F for Fake (1975), the Shakespearian dialogue is not so obvious. The aim of this article is to analyse this dialogue within the dialectic between truth and fake, the original and the copy. Can we read in F for Fake an homage to Falstaff, to forgers and illusionists and finally a mirror for Welles? From F for Fake to F for Falstaff, this essay film is questioning the death of the author and the power of the false. It is an artistic will to play with the differentiation between men and myths, truths and lies.

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JournalShakespeare en devenir
Publication statusPublished - 7 Dec 2020


  • Orson Welles- Falstaff- William Shakespeare- Truth- Lies- Forgers

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