Do method and species lifestyle affect measures of maximum metabolic rate in fishes?

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The rate at which active animals can expend energy is limited by their maximum aerobic metabolic rate (MMR). Two methods are commonly used to estimate MMR as oxygen uptake in fishes, namely during prolonged swimming or immediately following brief exhaustive exercise, but it is unclear whether they return different estimates of MMR or whether their effectiveness for estimating MMR varies among species with different lifestyles. A broad comparative analysis of MMR data from 121 fish species revealed little evidence of different results between the two methods, either for fishes in general or for species of benthic, benthopelagic or pelagic lifestyles.

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Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Fish Biology
Early online date25 Oct 2016
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  • aerobic scope; ecophysiology; fishes; locomotion; metabolism; teleosts

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