Examining same-sex parenting in Greece: public discourse during voting Law 4356/2015: Μελετώντας την ομογονεϊκότητα στην Ελλάδα: δημόσιος λόγος κατά την ψήφιση του Ν. 4356/2015

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    Τhis article examines legal and social attitudes toward same-sex parenthood in Greece and explores their influence on regulations governing same-sex families. Concepts involving sexuality, family, gender and nation shape laws and public policy pronouncements and contribute to the lack of a corresponding policy framework. To examine the variables that shape social acceptance of same-sex parenting, I use a combination of qualitative research methods such as critical discourse analysis. These methods aid in the in-depth analysis of plenary session transcripts regarding Law 4356 in the Greek Parliament. From the qualitative research, heterosexism, hegemonic ideologies, norms about gender and sexuality, and dominant views about religion, nation and kinship determine family typology in hetero-patriarchal social rules. These processes lead to the legal and social exclusion of families that “deviate” from the hegemonic social rules.
    Original languageGreek
    JournalSocial Policy
    Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2022

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