Experiential Learning through gaming: a method for developing competencies,

Suzanne Jagger, Diane Sloan

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    This workshop will demonstrate how we have addressed the PRME remit to ‘embed new content and utilise transformative learning approaches, including experiential learning’ through the development of a virtual game. We will also share how, with the help of Business in the Community (BITC), we are now in the process of adapting the game for industry training.

    Waddock (2013:265) accurately captures the challenge of how to effectively design materials for the pedagogical delivery of ethics stating ‘We face a world in which management education is by many assessments in crisis for too narrowly and analytically orienting managers who will need to lead in a complex socially and ecologically fraught world.’ This narrow focus needs to change to be transformative. The use of simulations has been common practice in management education for decades with research supporting the view that this experiential approach is effective as it provides a ‘valid representation’ of real world issues. Games have the potential to connect players to every day life experiences and are therefore at the heart of experiential learning ‘in which knowledge is constructed, not transmitted (Kebritchi, 2008:1732).

    For the past 3 years we have been working on the design of a virtual game that ticks the boxes in terms of introducing business students to vital aspects of ethics. Trialled by over 1500 students, the game is designed to help them experience: a deeper awareness of ethical dilemmas and decision making in business; improved skills through practice in simulated real life situations; and a challenge to discover their own personal values.

    Having exhibited the game at the previous chapter meeting, this year we would like to demonstrate the new version and allow delegates the opportunity to play if they have laptops and a good wifi connection.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPRME Regional Chapter Meeting Proceedings
    Publication statusPublished - 20 Jun 2016

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