Face to Face

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    Between is not an auxiliary construction, but the real place and bearer of what happens between men; it has received no specific attention … it does not exhibit a smooth continuity, but is ever again re-constituted in accordance with men’s meetings with one another. (Buber 1965)
    Emilyn draws on her practice-based research as a choreographer and Gestalt/existential psychotherapist. Interweaving the two fields, this workshop offers opportunities to experience relational encounters through simple movement-based choreographic tasks. Through a practice of here and now presence, phenomenological enquiry and dialogic relations, participants experience how awareness of intersubjective processes – between performers and between performers and spectators – can affect performance making and instigate impactful change in the world. Theoretical and philosophical engagement with issues of self, subjectivity, uncertainty and nothingness will be discussed through the embodied tasks.
    Our bodies live “opened up to” situations, especially other humans – two people are derived from their specific situational relationship – so what happens when one person is no longer there? (Madison 2005)
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationThe Impact of Performance as Research
    Subtitle of host publicationCarpa 3 Proceedings
    Place of PublicationFinland
    PublisherTheatre Academy Helsinki
    Publication statusPublished - Nov 2014

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